Australian soils are the oldest in the world. Due to millions of years of leaching and degradation the soils have lost most of the important trace elements that your plants need to flourish. These deficiencies have plagued all Australians who labor the land.  This doesn’t just affect the farmer it all so affects the very soil, which you have in your own front and backyards.

These problems have been a reoccurring nightmare especially for the thousands of keen gardeners in Australia. Gardeners would usually try to attempt to fix this problem with a traditional N.P.K Synthetic formula. Though what many gardeners don’t realize is that the only way to true success in getting your plants to thrive is by increase the amount of microbial activity in your soils well as feeding your soil with the right trace elements.

This problem has now been solved with a truly revolutionary product called SUPERCHARGE. The Biological farmers of Australia certify this product organic worldwide. What makes this product so Revolutionary is that it’s made to Australian conditions and to the soils true wants and needs.

The product is made up of organic humates, Carbon as well as potassium. Supercharge is also rich in trace elements, amino acids, proteins and micronutrients.  These ingredients are what Australian soils are craving. What makes supercharger’s ingredients so unique, is has what your soils need to feed the stimulants and indigenous microbes that in turn, feed your plants and make them flourish.

The added ingredient is that of the paramagnetic rock. This rock gives off an energy that harmonizes the micro-activity, soil and plant. At the same time it increases the strength of the plant cells. This will give your plants, grass or any other flora the added strength and stronger pigment in the plant color and helps to protect against disease and other pests.

A soil that is rich in carbon and paramagnetic material will retain moisture, rather than the diamagnetic soils common of Australia, which repel moisture. This is going to reduce watering and give plants a more heat and drought resistance.
Using Supercharge will give your soil a foundation of nutrition and energy whilst safe will aid in moisture retention. Great for any plant in the garden.