Nutratherm’s products provide outstanding benefits to gardeners, turf growers, farmers, and horticulturists of all persuasions.

They are designed to optimise the living biological environment by feeding the soil micro-organisms with digested organic matter and paramagnetic rock dust, so as to promote the soil's fertility. When this occurs the soil is functioning to its maximum productivity and is in harmonic balance. It is intended to work on the long term fertility of the soil rather than promote short term plant growth. Plants need nutrition every day to strengthen it. The Nutratherm System helps the soil to continually compost organic matter into food for the plant.

Nutratherm collects materials rich in minerals, organic carbons, sugars carbohydrates, humate, humic and fulvic and amino acids, including fish emulsion and kelp.  The materials then go through a mechanical process to reduce their size. They are then biologically digested /humified through both aerobic and anaerobic multi-stage processes. This allows the materials to be totally digested yet remain biologically active and contain bacteria.

All Nutratherm materials contain living organisms which have been through the humification process to produce humus. Humus is the last process of the breakdown of dead plant/animal matter, planktonites and micro-organisms. These are attacked by the living micro-organisms to digest and decompose continuously until they reach a humic compound state . This state is then broken down into three final products which are humic acid, humin and fulvic acid which are carbon building blocks. The presence of carbon determines the population size and vigour of the soil biology since carbon makes up 50% of soil organic matter.

Having a high micro-organism population has a number of benefits. Soil microbes granulate soil and aerate it, so facilitating the infusion of air and water and improving drainage. Microbes also stimulate the rebuilding of soil faster than other methods such as crop rotation and mulching.

Paramagnetic rock dust is added to provide energy, structure and trace elements, and improve the soil's pH, water retention and microbial activity. The full function of paramagnetic energy is still uncertain but it is believed to oscillate the microbes and plant cells which enhances healthy plant growth.  It has also been demonstrated to elevate the flavour in fruit, increase the take up of nutrients and the level of sugar in the plant, whilst maintaining the integrity of the plants structure, thus giving you a healthier less stressed plant. It has no synthetic fertilizers so it won’t force feed the plant to grow unnaturally.    

Nutratherm’s products include:

  1. Supercharge – A blend of highly paramagnetic rock dust and coal dust extract which provides an organic meal to boost carbon levels and paramagnetic energy levels.
  2. GR-6 - A liquid base material high in organic carbon, digested organic matter and biologicals in a heavy liquid form.
  3. Typhoon – A liquid microbial product containing microbes and organic carbon to stimulate and re-establish the microbial population.
  4. Bio Cal and Bio K – Liquid products that meet the needs for different soil types
  5. Supercharge Potting Mix – A premium blend of bark, supercharge and GR-6

For the home gardener Supercharge, Supercharge Potting Mix and Liquid GR-6 provide all the essential ingredients for lawn and plant health, by creating vibrant and abundant soil health.

For the professional Nutratherm recommends a ‘Soil Analysis’ which acknowledges mineral deficiencies and gives you the types and application rates of a range minerals to correct soil deficiencies. The results from this analysis will indicate fertility, the balance of minerals pH, salt, organic carbon, major elements and trace elements. As the gardener/grower/ farmer you are informed of what is specifically needed in your soil. Only environmentally friendly materials are recommended. The alternative option is to guess what you need. By adding materials, which are abundant in your soil, you can be doing more damage than good.

There are no set application rates as all soils are different. The soil analysis gives a starting guide and results are monitored according to customers' needs.