Potting Mixture

Supercharge Paramagnetic Potting Mixture

Supercharge Paramagnetic Potting Mixture incorporates paramagnetic material blended with selected carbons, trace elements, micro-organisms, amino acids and proteins. Giving your potted plants the complete package of energy, nutrition calibrated in the medium to give you the environmental result you are wishing for.

The Paramagnetic element of the material will increase water retention whilst still allowing the growing medium to drain. It also stimulates the plant growth, elevates the flavour in fruit, increases the take up of nutrient, and increases the level of sugar in the plant, whilst maintaining the integrity of the plants structure, thus giving you a healthier less stressed plant. It has no synthetic fertilizers so it won’t force feed the plant to grow unnaturally.

The micro-organisms digest the minerals which gives the plant a more reliably nourishment for the growth journey.

Environmentally Supercharge Paramagnetic Potting Mix is sound carrying B.F.A.3003 A1 Certification. Meaning all inputs is organic and is safe for your use.

Supercharge Paramagnetic Potting Mixture provides for all your potting needs. With the energy it gives plants it will be your ‘Bread and Butter’ growing medium.